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Christopher “Topher” Townsend is more than just a Hip-Hop artist. Topher is a multifaceted-creative powerhouse gleaming from the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Blending a gritty sound from the boombap era with the unconventional style of today’s trip-hop, Topher has a competitive edge, cultivating the essence of authenticity. This is what he deems to be a key ingredient missing from mainstream rap. Throughout his career, Topher has acquired skills in graphic design and video production. Such abilities have sling-shotted him to success in the music business, launching him into the future of entertainment.

 Realizing his passion for music at the tender age of five, Topher tiptoed his way into the music scene with a guitar in one hand and a mic in the other. Topher understood upon development that following in his father’s footsteps of blues singing and guitar slinging wasn’t a hereditary gift passed from generation to generation. Taking his very first step against the grain, a young Topher tossed the guitar picks and picked up a pen. Topher soon captured the stylistic elements rooted in every true emcee in discovering the natural ability to write his own lyrics. He set out to master style, structure, speed, accuracy, and originality!

Topher matured over time, going from unpaid gigs at high school house parties to sharing college stages with Jared Pellerin, the New Orleans Rapper and Indie sensation known as Pell. He was setting out to prove he deserved to sit amongst the greats in the rap game. Life turned on its head and veered down a tumultuous road of heartbreak and hardships that would bring his music journey to a halt. Battling self-doubt and a lack of direction, Topher enlisted in the Air Force with the intent to find a more fulfilling purpose. Although estranged, his relationship with music never met its full end. 

Upon discharge, the hobbyist pursued his passion and became a successful rapper. Topher co-founded the organization CRE8 Augusta with local award-winning Hip-Hop artist,Mike Sarge , in Augusta, Georgia—where he released his first full length project entitled Everybody Hates Chris on April 25th 2017 .This date was denoting the 6th anniversary from the military and equally symbolizing the moment he chose his dreams over conformity. Since then, Topher has went on to win and place in several national freestyle contests, such as No Sucka MC’s—a contest hosted by Kato On The Track. Topher is now a member of the Hip-Hop trio known as Space Force , which consist of artists D.Cure and The Marine Rapper. Topher will appear on two major independent projects set to release later this year.

“Your gift will make room for you…” - Proverbs 18:16